Danielle, thank you so much for speaking to our group. I think every mom walked away feeling lifted and loved by God. I got out the extra clay and your handout and my son and I made a pot together. Then we talked about all the things on the handout. It was great! -Carolyn


Hi Danielle! I had such a great time this morning at MOPS. Thank you so much again. Your testimony really blessed my heart.  I’m hoping I can attend your upcoming workshop as well. Thank you for being so easy to listen to and speak with. Hope to see you again in November!    -Christina


Danielle, thank you for coming to speak to our group at Hope Church. I think it was awesome! I’ve heard nothing but wonderful feedback from all the ladies.   –Heather


Danielle, it was a delight to attend your class.  It helped to restore connecting with that fun child that lives in us all and rarely has an opportunity to come out and play! Having just decided to return to church, your class really helped to bridge my return and helped me to be brave enough to think about and then return to choir also. I am grateful! You are a delightfully and uniquely gifted teacher with a tremendous heart to encourage other women!  I can’t wait see how God continues to use you and your gifts and talents to bless others in the future! I will keep an eye on upcoming classes!    -Deb


Danielle,  I am enjoying this class completely and I think you are doing an outstanding job!  Keep up the great work and thanks for coming up with the premise.  I think women should celebrate each other, and celebrating women from the Bible is a beautiful idea!      -Maureen


Danielle,  thank you for being such a wonderful instructor for our “Mighty Women” class.  You really did a wonderful job teaching the Bible as well as the art! Also your emails are very inspiring and thoughtful!  Thank you again for being such a patient, thought-provoking, and inspiring teacher of the Word. I would love to take another one of your classes!  I will tell everyone I know how great it was!                                                                               -Love, Maryellen 


Danielle,  thank you for all your time, prayers & energy. I truly enjoyed my experience. You’re AWESOME & AMAZING!!!!  I hope our paths cross again.                                                    -Love your Sister in Christ, Kim

Thank you so much for all the effort and planning you did for our “Mighty Women” class.  You did a great job of leading!  I learned a lot and enjoyed journaling using my creative side during our classes.  Our large and small group discussions were great too!                       -Jen

Thank you, Danielle—I’ve done many of these groups, but this was the MOST FUN!!                -Sharon

Danielle!  Just wanted to thank you again for a great class!  Just before taking this class, I was spending a lot of time looking into women’s role in ministry and their christian influence in our world today.  “Mighty Women” was a great opportunity to look deep into the Bible and learn about women from the past.  More so, it was nice sharing our thoughts and feelings with sisters in Christ!  How blessed are we to have so many women…. from the beginning of creation, now, and all of those who grow in Spirit to lead us until our Savior returns…. Yay!                                                                                                                      – 🙂 Ann

Danielle, I loved the class and looking forward to next week!                                                              -Thanks, Jeanne

Hi Danielle, the creative juices were flowing today.  At my table, issues of the heart were also popping and the encouragement was generous.  As you demonstrated a couple of techniques, everyone took off. Thank you for giving all of us permission to “play”. Can’t wait to see the creations after they’re finished.  God is doing something very special for me through you.  Be blessed and know I appreciate you.                                                                        -Joy always, Kathi

Danielle, Thank you for your time and energy! You are very much appreciated.  Another wonderful lesson, and I have to admit I enjoyed making the pot. I originally had no interest in making anything with clay. I enjoyed the time we shared as a whole and the intimate time at the table. God is Great and it’s AMAZING to sit and REALLY listen for Him to shine through!                                                                                                                                              -Kim

Danielle, It was really an awesome class.  I guess because you are a great teacher.  I didn’t know there were so many strong women in the Bible.  It has given me a renewed strength as a Christian woman. Thanks for opening up my eyes.  I hope you will teach another class in the future.                                                                                                                                    -Your sister in Christ, Carol