Hearing God Speak

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Hearing God Speak

We were given many special abilities to communicate our emotions to God through songs, poems, stories, prayers, and artwork.  However, a deep relationship with the Lord not only includes crying out to Him, but requires listening and hearing Him answer us, too.   Sometimes it may seem our Creator is distant and we may mistakenly think He is not speaking.  As I grow, I am learning not to misinterpret the moments of silence I may experience with God and even with people.   Silence does not indicate that the Lord abandoned us and it doesn’t always suggest that a person wants to end a relationship with us.  If we desire to hear the Lord communicate, it’s important to spend quality time alone with Him and continue to learn how to build healthy relationships with people.  As I dedicate time to be alone with God, I can often hear Him speak through the powerful stories I read in the Bible.  As I enjoy developing Christ-centered relationships with people, I can hear God speak to me through others during a conversation, sermon, or prayer.

Jesus reminds us, “He who belongs to God hears what God says” (John 8:47).  As a follower of Christ, I am learning to ask myself every day, “Is my heart ready to listen to my Heavenly Father’s voice?  Is my mind open to hear God’s Word?  Is my body ready to take action and do what the Lord says?”  Whether I hear words of encouragement, hope, admonishment, or accountability, I’m truly thankful that God always communicates to me and all His children with love.

Have you experienced hearing God speak to you?  Are you misinterpreting moments of silence?  How do you prepare your heart and mind to listen to your Creator’s voice?  Do you use the same approach with people?

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    This is so so true… I love this post Danielle! When God is silent, it is not a time for us to be offended and feel abandoned, but rather draw closer and seek Him. “those who seek Me diligently you will find Me” Prov. 8:17
    I find it’s tempting in hard times to expect God answer right away with direction or miracles, however as we grow He teaches us to trust that He is working and moving for us even when we don’t see it right away. As we continue to seek Him daily and diligently, He WILL answer.

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    The Proverbs are full of such great wisdom and awesome reminders. Elisa, I love that verse and how you were able to apply it to this topic. Sometimes we can be guilty of expecting answers and we don’t take time to seek Him. Then we wonder why we don’t hear God speaking! Thank you for writing and recording your thoughts. I am learning so much from you!

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    I find that in moments of sin, it seems that I can hear God’s voice from a mile away. There’s no doubt about that! It’s like he picks up that red direct-line presidential phone and says, “Joshua, you know better…”

    However, it’s in the other moments of uncertainty that take a bit more concentrated listening. A couple of weeks ago we were down the shore. The first night I took a walk out on the beach inlet in North Wildwood towards the end of a thunderous lighting storm. There were these giant sandbars that were creating large pools of warm water I had to walk through before I got the the crashing waves. After a few minutes the shore line was a faint glow behind me, and I was out alone with God’s creation. As I gazed out over the ocean I saw an amazing light show of ferocious lighting from horizon to horizon amidst towering columns of dark purple clouds. It was a truly humbling site for which I felt blessed. It was as if God made that moment just for me, and was asking me to see and hear Him. I found that seeing the awe inspiring wonder of his creation made it almost impossible for me not to cry out to Him and worship Him in that moment. I think it’s good for us to put ourselves in those types of situations when we can. Moments of being alone with His creation can be unique in so many ways. We may complain about not hearing Him speak to us at times, but like you said Danielle, sometimes it takes some effort on our part.

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      great thoughts Josh.

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    Great post, Danielle! Hearing God’s voice should really be the foundation of every day. I appreciate how you talked about working to hear God’s voice. So many times it can be easy to get discouraged if we don’t think we are hearing from God, but usually the problem is that we are not listening. Great reminders!

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Josh and Aimee! Great stuff! We can find all sorts of ways God can communicate to us in His creation. Aimee recently wrote about the lessons she learned through the earthquake on her blog. God was speaking to her and she didn’t hesitate to write it down! I love what Josh wrote about his experiences with observing nature, too. He discovered God speaking to him when he was alone at the beach during a lightning storm.

    Josh, Aimee, and Elisa- Keep writing! I love reading it! Elisa has a blog, too. I always enjoy reading about the many ways God is speaking to her. We all can learn so much from each other when we record our stories!

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    Great thought Josh….

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    I think hearing God is one of those things that is a learned skill that can be cultivated and heightened when you get to know more of who God is! When we know God we know better how He speaks to us! I work with teenagers and I cannot tell you how many times they ask the question, “but how do I know what God is asking me to do? How do I know that it is HIS voice and not my own?” The greatest wisdom I can offer them is the word of God, because, after all, who can say it better than the Holy spirit? I tell them that God’s sheep hear His voice, and the more time we spend with him, hearing Him and taking a posture of trust we will better be able to tune our ear to His tone and our hearts will be bent toward His will for our lives.

    I think that you touched on a key point in the statement, ” Is my body ready to take action and do what the Lord says?” It is something often left out when we hear the voice of God are we satisfied with simply knowing that He speaks? I know for a fact that God is not satisfied that we simply hear Him! He desires an action, a response and a change. Are we ready to listen? Are we poised to act? Are we continually emptying ourselves so that we are in a position to be filled by Him? Believe me when I say that I am not preaching to the masses here on the blog, but more to myself. I am continually convicted concerning my inactivity after hearing God speak to me. I hear Him and continue on my own path thankful that He is there and is speaking, but confident in my own abilities and my own plan. Lord let it not be so! Thank you for the reminder and today when we hear His voice let us not harden our hearts as we did during our rebellion, but let us grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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    Rachael, I love how you reminded us that hearing God includes spending time with Him. I agree! We need to take action, respond, and change! The teenagers you work with are very blessed to have you in their lives. Children and teens need role models like you who desire to grow both emotionally and spiritually!

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    I spend time daily with God conversing and praying to Him about everything and anything as the day progresses. He is like my family and I talk to Him personally about whatever I do. Well I guess I talk to Him about things I couldn’t share with others. I realize that I need Him to help me to do His will and He is such a vital part of my life. The Lord also speaks to my heart through reading His Word, prayer and the preaching of the Bible. God also uses others to confirm what His will is for me. Unconfessed sin in my life can cause a breech in my fellowship with the Lord just like it would with my family and friends. So it takes daily confessing of my sin and asking forgiveness to keep my relationship with the Lord healthy. That is the hardest part to admit that I am wrong and ask forgiveness. Oh how sweet it is when my relationship with the Lord is strong, growing and unhindered.

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    You brought up something very important, Joanne. Keeping a strong relationship with the Lord includes asking for forgiveness. I like how you reminded us that this applies to our relationships with people, too. Healthy relationships include both communication and forgiveness. I’m so glad you recorded these thoughts! It’s inspiring us to grow!

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    Very nice post Danielle! The Lord communicates with us in so many ways. The more we are able to tune into His voice the more we will discern His intent and direction for us.

    Thanks and God bless,

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    Thank you, Michael! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts. It encourages me to grow both emotionally and spiritually.

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